Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day: 11 Tailspin my dears

I'm terribly anxious right now. I know I left you all last night on such a positive note but I got 0 sleep. I don't mean I tossed and turned. I mean I was up literally all night and still can't sleep now. I was in a lot of pain but my new med might have something to do with the new insomnia. I must call my doc about it. My anxiety was so bad that I called my therapists office and made an appointment for later this week. I haven't seen her in forever but I hope this will be a positive step for me. Ugh I don't get what is going on with me right now... I can't even sit here and type this. My mind is sort of playing tricks on me. Take care everyone. I'm gonna try and focus on relaxing.

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