Monday, February 28, 2011


Stepped on the scale today and it read 110 lbs! The number shocked me so much that I weighed myself 3 more times and then I weighed a 25 lb weight to make sure it was accurate. I know the first thing you're thinking is it must be dehydration but I have been drinking a ton of water lately. I'm not so delusional that I think it is all fat loss. I realize that some of it is probably water since my period is slowly coming to an end and some of the weight could be from my bowels. But I honestly don't want to over analyze it. I've worked really hard this past week and it looks like it paid off big time. Plus, this is a huge milestone for me. I haven't been under 110 since I was 13 or 14? Lets just say it has been awhile. I'm sooo happy! I'm sooo happy! Next time I get on the scale it is gonna read 108 or lower (not planning on weighing myself until next week). The week after that it will read 106!!! Then 104!!! Then 102!!! Then 100! A little over a month until I reach my goal. Why did this never seem so obtainable before? All I have to do is stay on track and keep my eye on the prize. As long as I don't go on a binge fest I'll be golden. I just have to remember if I do have a bad eating day, it doesn't have to spiral out of control and ruin all my hard work. One bad day will not lead to another. Fucking up once doesn't mean I have to fuck up for life. I'm going to write a list of If I want blank food then I will have blank food as a substitute. They did a study and people who had written out a plan of how to deal with their cravings did way better than those who didn't.

1. If I am craving chocolate, I will have a fiber one chewy bar or a sugar free pudding
2 If I am craving cookies, I will have a vita top
3. If I am craving chips, I will have a 100 cal bag of popcorn or cucumber salad
4. If I am craving ice cream, I will have a popsicle or a frozen fat free yogurt or frozen grapes

I'm gonna try and think up more. I also posted this on PT so other people can be binge free :)


  1. WELL DONE!!!
    I love that feeling!
    you can make a sorbet really easily and that can crave icecream cravings

  2. Congratulations, darling!!!

    With every pound lost, our goals always seem way more obtainable than they ever did... and I so love that feeling-- the feeling that your restricting is actually working and that you can do anything, anything, as long as you don't stop.

    Stay strong, hun, and good luck tomorrow!

    Love from a new follower :)