Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 2: A step in the right direction

Today hasn't gotten off to the greatest start. I seriously need to shower but the water in my house won't heat up. I don't want to exercise without knowing I can wash up afterwards. No one wants to stay sweaty and filthy longer than they have to... or I hope no one wants that. This means I might bat a 0 on exercise for the day. I hate when wrenches are thrown into the gears but such is life. In other news, I'm planning on ordering something called a bodybugg. It will measure my total daily calorie expenditure with 90% accuracy. I'm excited! I wish it were here already but it looks like I'm going to have to wait 5-6 days. This little bugg should help me figure out how much I really should be eating/working out to meet my goals. I'm hoping it will help keep me accountable and speed along my weight loss progress. I'm gonna have to repeat myself... I AM EXCITED!

Tomorrow is V-day so I won't be able to get any formal exercise. Plus, I'll have the temptation of chocolate to deal with. Hopefully, my boyfriend and I are able to go to Seaworld like we've planned but if the water in out house is still off we won't be able to go anywhere in public (no shower in 2 days= gross). I'm almost done the card I'm making him. It is pretty cheesy but that is what Valentines day is all about. It is 1:00 pm and I've only eaten an apple and a glass of milk with coffee. I need some more protein. I try and aim at 100 grams of lean protein a day so I can retain as much of my muscle as possible while losing weight. The goal is to lose pounds of fat not pounds of muscle. Talking about food is making my belly grumble. I'm gonna go fix myself some lunch. I'll be back on later to update this post on today's progress.

I'm back! I had two veggie patties and another glass of milk for lunch. I still need more proteins but that should be too hard to manage. I'm kinda bored. I wish wish wish I could shower. Anyways...

In the past I've weighed myself everyday. No matter how much or little you eat there usually isn't a huge difference in the day to day numbers on the scale as long as you take the measurement at the same time of day. This can be very discouraging. All that work and the scales hardly seem to move. I have decided to try and only weigh myself once a week. That way I'll see a bigger difference in my progress and it will help motivate me to stay strong. The temptation to jump on the scale is insane. It is a hard habit to break after years of daily weigh ins. Hopefully, I'll be able to stick to my resolution to stay off the scale.

I also am trying to remember to take my daily vitamins. I've been better about it this past week. I have really long hair that has started to get a little dry and unless I keep taking my vitamins it could get worse!!! I don't want to have to cut my hair but if I can't keep it healthy that is what is going to end up happening. This is another reason for my high protein, nutritionally dense diet. When I say nutritionally dense I mean health food or food that has a good amount of nutrients for the amount of calories (no fillers, low sugar, no junk food, etc). I'm also reading The New Rules of Lifting for Women. The book is about strength training and it outlines 6 months of workouts that help build muscle and shed fat. According to the book I need to be eating way more. However, I'm waiting until I get the bodybugg to adjust my calorie intake (if needed). I also haven't started the strength training in the book yet so there isn't any need to up my calories as of yet. Even so, I'm not sure if I would be comfy going above 1000 cals at all. I mean 1000 is a ton for someone like me. And most people going through a restricting cycle don't eat more than 800. The only reason I'm at 1000 right now is to keep my protein intake up and to ease myself out of the worst binge cycle I've had in years. It is so hard to know what to do. No matter how I tweak my plan I never find a place I am comfortable at. I guess it is because I am so uncomfortable at my current weight that nothing I do will make me comfortable until I get to my goal. Basically, I won't find any satisfaction in my progress until I have completely reached my goal. Even then I predict I will be uneasy for fear I will gain every sickening pound back like I have so many times before.

YAY! I just talked to my mom and the propane people are coming today which means we will have hot water soon. This is double happiness because it means I get to exercise today and I get to go to Seaworld and properly celebrate Valentines day tomorrow. Wooo! Now I have no excuse to be a lazy ass :P I'm all dressed in my biking gear to ensure I go. It seems silly but I'm feeling super lazy today and I'd imagine I would make just about any excuse to avoid working out. I might not get my hour and a half in but I'm hoping I can at least last an hour. I'm gonna watch an episode of The Biggest Loser to motivate me to exercise harder and then I'm gonna head out for my ride. I'll update you again once I get back.

I'm back from my ride. I burned an estimated 705 calories in 64 minutes biking. I am exhausted. I've only eaten 600 cals so far and I burned off 705. Woot! However, I won't be able to exercise tomorrow and the only food options I'll have for lunch and most likely dinner will be amusement park food. Eww!

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