Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 9-10: Ever shrinking me

Weight: 113.6

I did well over the weekend. I was even able to resist the evil temptation of girl scout cookies. Go me! Today my bodybugg is arriving and I am soooo excited. I'm not really looking forward to seeing how low my burn is going to be today though.... I am sooo sore I can barely walk. I'm gonna take a warm bath and see if that helps relax my muscles some. I ended up recruiting my little sister to start running with me. Although I am really physically fit, I have always been a terrible runner. So my sister and I are working up slowly to be able to run a 5K in under 30 mins. I'm really excited and I'm glad my sister wanted to be part of it. We don't get along but this could provide some much needed bonding time. I talked with her a lot over the weekend and I found out that my eating habits might have contributed to her eating problem as well. My family isn't aware of my eating disorder. When I was at my lowest weight they thought I was sick with something else...

Update: My bodybugg just arrived and I love it. However, it made me realize my diet might not be low cal enough. It takes a deficit of 1000 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week. I thought I was working way harder than I really am. Regardless, I only ate 600 cals today so that isn't too shabby. I also had reason to celebrate because I might finally figure out the cause of all my medical mysteries. I haven't talked too much about my health issues but I am most likely suffering from a nervous system disorder. My doctors haven't been able to diagnosis me yet because research is somewhat new and I haven't had access to the right testing equipment. The good news is that a new program (one of 2 in the USA) just opened up sometime last year. It is only a few hours away vs cross country. I was about ready to go to the one across the country when I found out about the new location. My doctors didn't even know about the new location. I guess it's because what I have isn't exactly common. I'm excited and I'll be contacting the clinic in the morning. Hopefully, I'll finally get some help!!!

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